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RIP rm-r-comic
Apr 2 2007->Oct 31 2015

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"This is totally how I see artists pulling off a heist.. well this or a committee trying to decide what to do. Perhaps that happened first."
"They definitely should have listened to the guy in the back and let the one in the front create. I'm sure it would've been beautiful and non-functional."
"How exactly does one sell a stolen van Gogh or Picasso? I'm just wondering.. it's not like I have two mint condition early van Gogh's and one good condition late style Picasso in my basement that I would want to offload for like 2 to 3 million a piece."

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PA Theft by Gary Marks
Remove R Comic (aka rm -r comic), by Gary Marks: PA Theft

comic search terms: Penny Arcade good artists copy, great artists steal.
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Inspiration from Penny Arcade
The idea for todayís comic was stolen from a description Tycho weaved in a news post at Penny Arcade. Tycho has a way with words, and the image he painted in his news post was so funny to me that I had to make a comic of it. To make everything even funnier to me, the subject of his article was art ďplagiarism.Ē Then to make everything even more delightful, I based my comic around the quote on their site which was stolen from Picasso.

Hopefully Tycho will also see the humor in this, or at least find it slightly amusing. If he doesnít and instead takes it as an insult, then perhaps itís a sign that weíre really living in a humorless post apocalyptic world where any attempts at humor carry with them a death sentence where the accused is stoned to death with rubber chickens. Ok, perhaps I exaggerate a bit, but this sort of art theft has been going on for life times. Itís the nature of organisms, they learn from each other, to the point of stealing ideas. The web just makes the acquisition a little easier. Is it wrong for them to make money of anotherís work? Yes. Does it happen? Yes. Does it happen in other fields too? Yes. When was the last time you stole someone elseís javascript work, or html code, or opinion on something you havenít experienced. Unfortunately it happens. Perhaps I would be taking a different stance if it was my stuff stolen. Luckily I donít have anything worth stealing yet. Heh. I just get tired of artists complaining about it and thinking it only happens to them.

A little background, so you know Iím not just complaining for the hell of it, my father is a graphic designer, so growing up I was around that community a lot, and all they did was complain about the world, never trying to change it, and that pointless complaining gets old after a while. Either fight or accept defeat. Itís a cruel world.

Now, I know what youíre thinking, around graphic designers so much, and his site looks like what? Thatís mostly due to my laziness towards it. It will eventually look better. I have more I could rant about, but instead Iíll go do some work. Later.

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