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Halloween Contest 2013

Rm-r comic is throwing its fifth annual Halloween Art & Writing Contest! Check out the latest entries.

There were some concerns about bot voting, so the captcha has been changed, it should still be easy for a person.

Latest Art Entries

Art gallery entries can be any kind of image. The art can be sculpted, painted, digitally painted, photographed, drawn etc.

Meet the Frankensteins

Meet the Frankensteins

Presenting the Frankensteins as they make their fashionably late entrance to the contest.

'Till Death Do Us Part

'Till Death Do Us Part

The happy couple

Halloween Demon

Halloween Demon

"Happy Halloween Mortals"

Latest Written Entries

Written entries can be any kind of story, poetry etc.

You Had Your Chance

A year after a man snaps and murders his wife, he finds something peculiar in the Outlands.

Death By Expiration Date

Can anyone survive a bottle of milk that's been opened 130 years past the expiration date?

The King of Halloween

A piece of flash fiction about one man's dauntless dedication to the spirit of Halloween.

Down in the valley

Down in the valley, the valley so lowHang your head over, hear the wind blow